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Every day, we walk up the stairs, breeze over sidewalk grates, squeeze through narrow hallways and step up to curbs.

We may seldom think about those who struggle to get around the physical world.  For many, a curb or a few stairs can be large barriers.

Handicap ramps are one small way to ensure that people with disabilities have easy physical access to your building.

Why Does Your Property Need a Ramp?

There are many reasons to make your business handicap accessible in Jurupa Valley, CA. It can be extremely beneficial to add a wheelchair ramp to your commercial space in order to provide equal access to all patrons.

Even able-bodied individuals often prefer a ramp as an alternative to stairs.

  • It’s Law – The ADA requires all commercial buildings provide a handicap-accessible entrance. A wheelchair ramp must be a minimum of 48 inches wide with a maximum slope of 1:12 and a landing size of at least five feet at the top and bottom with all edges protected.
  • It’s Respectful – If you are a small business, you may be exempt from the ADA requirements. However, when you comply anyway and install a ramp, it shows that you’re willing to support all patrons and support fairness and respect in all forms.
  • It Minimizes Risk – Stairs can be a hazard. Anyone at any time can slip, fall and hurt themselves, which opens you up to liability. A ramp provides an easy low-risk alternative.
  • It Accommodates Everyone – Those with disabilities, a man carrying a heavy load, a woman who just had surgery, or the toddler who hasn’t mastered stairs yet will all benefit from an accessible entrance.

Benefits of Installing Handicap RampsA handicap entrance is beneficial for your business in Jurupa Valley, CA.

A handicap ramp benefits both those with disabilities and those who are able-bodied just the same.

  • Easy Entry – If a customer has to wait for someone to help them get up the stairs, they likely will keep going and won’t come in at all. A ramp enables them to be more independent and enjoy their freedom.
  • Access the Outdoors – Commercial handicap ramps are important for both getting in and going out. During emergencies, they will lessen the hassle of quickly moving people out of the building.

FAQs About Handicap Ramp

It must have a 1:12 slope ratio. This means that there must be a one-inch rise for every corresponding 12 inches. The slope requirement might differ from state to state.

Yes, most areas require a building permit to install a wheelchair ramp. Check with local building authorities to make sure you understand the requirements and that your plan meets building codes.

At Navarro Paving, we build our ramps with asphalt, but they can also be made with concrete.

Why Choose Us!

If you’re considering installing a handicap ramp for your business in Jurupa Valley, CA, we provide the best solutions customized for your business that meet all ADA requirements.

After a thorough evaluation of your property and any applicable laws or regulations, we provide the best recommendation with upfront and honest pricing. We take accurate measurements so you get the most accurate quote for the project without paying for things you don’t need.

Our customers are part of our family business and an integral part of this community we are proud of. For a name you can trust, look no further than Navarro Paving in Jurupa Valley, CA.

Making ADA Compliance Easier

When a handicap ramp is the best decision for your business needs, give us a call.

We are here to simplify the process of creating a more accessible business. Eliminate the barriers that may prevent some from easy access to your building with a handicap ramp in Jurupa Valley, CA.

Navarro Paving can have your ramp installed in no time to support your customers.

Frustrated with the bumps & cracks in your pavement?

Let us smooth things over.