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We will thoroughly evaluate the situation and recommend the best solution for your needs. Which means never defaulting to the most expensive option.

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We take careful measurements during our evaluation to give you the most accurate quote. You will always know what you are paying for and what it will cost.

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This is a family-run business so our customers automatically become part of the Navarro family. You will be treated with respect, honesty, and integrity.

Frustrated with the bumps & cracks in your pavement?
Let us smooth things over.

Before your customers even set foot into your building or talk to an employee, they are already making assumptions about your business.

As they pull into the parking lot is it clear, clean, and welcoming? Or is it broken, cracked, and faded?

The first impression is an essential part of pulling in new customers. That is why it is important to keep your parking lot paving services up to date.

Parking Lots Services We Provide

With local experience right here in Jurupa Valley, CA, we are your parking lot paving partner to give your business an edge and keep your property in good shape.

We provide all asphalt for both residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

  • Navarro provides many parking lot paving services in Jurupa Valley, CA.New Installation – If you just moved into a new building or are ready to upgrade an older one, we can help you with a new parking lot paving that meets all ADA and building code requirements.
  • Paving Repair – Over time, age and weather can be detrimental to pavement. Our team of experts have spent years perfecting paving repairs. Damage from tree roots, water damage, environmental factors or poor initial installation are all common problems we remedy every day. Our experience will repair and relay your paved area to a very high standard.
  • Repaving/Replacement – Old, cracked, and uneven parking lots give the impression that your business is unkempt. Not only are they unsightly, but they can also be a huge liability hazard. Even with no visible damage, the foundation of your driveway breaks down over time, which will eventually show through the surface. Our Jurupa Valley repaving and replacement asphalt surfaces give you a brand new look that is safe and reliable.
  • Sealcoating – Sealcoating your parking lot provides a protective coating to preserve the asphalt underneath. This extra level of protection limits the effects of exposure to sunlight, water, and chemical damage from gasoline spills, oil, and salt. By preserving the lot’s surface, you can prevent some of the most significant damage, keeping it safe for your customers and reducing expenses forNavarro will make sure your parking lot paving needs are met in Jurupa Valley, CA. repairs and replacement.
  • Resurfacing – Parking lot resurfacing is a great solution when the surface of your asphalt needs a facelift, but the foundation is in good shape. Resurfacing simply adds a new layer of asphalt to the existing pavement base without touching the foundation.
  • Striping – It is important to provide clean, highly visible parking lot spaces to provide safe, orderly parking for customers, employees, and visitors. A clear parking lot with handicap-accessible spaces is part of critical ADA compliance. An easy-to-use parking area improves functionality and appearance of your building. When you take care of your property it shows your customers you will also take care of them.

Benefits of Installing Asphalt Parking Lot

An asphalt parking lot is an investment that will provide benefits for years to come.

If you’re installing a new parking lot or upgrading an existing one, you will reap several benefits you may not realize.

  • Saves Money – Asphalt parking lots are one of the most affordable materials and will last longer than concrete or pavers. In addition, the process of laying asphalt doesn’t take too long, and we can work around your business hours so you can keep operating during installation.Parking lot paving reaps many benefits in Jurupa Valley, CA.
  • Easier to Maintain – Asphalt pavements require only minimal maintenance that is relatively inexpensive and easy to do. Routine cleaning to remove oil and debris as well as preventative maintenance like sealcoating to ward off major damage is all you need.
  • Noise Reduction: Asphalt is known as a quiet pavement. Traffic volume is reduced by 50 percent, or three decibels when the surface is pavement.
  • Increased Property Value – Curb appeal is a major factor in how your building may sell in the future. In most real estate markets across California, improving the exterior of your property can provide an increase in value of up to 5% over your competitors.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Asphalt pavement is one of the most recycled materials in America. Every part of asphalt is recyclable and crushed down to be reused for new asphalt projects. This is almost double the combined amount of plastic, aluminum, glass, and paper.
  • Weather Resistant – Asphalt pavement is much more resistant to weather damage than concrete. When you take the time to sealcoat, fill cracks, and repair potholes, your asphalt will last for 30 years or more.

FAQ About Parking Lot Pavement

Your asphalt parking lot may last between 20 and 30 years and often longer as long as they receive proper maintenance along the way. The biggest factors that affect the lifespan of your parking lot will be the quality of initial installation, drainage, usage and the stability of the subgrade materials.

We recommend you keep traffic off your new asphalt for at least 24 hours. If the weather is particularly warm, you may need up to 72 hours for the asphalt to fully cool and be ready for use.

The edges are the most vulnerable part of your new asphalt parking lot. It’s important to backfill up to the side of the pavement to support the edge and give you a beautiful clean line.

The actual costs will vary by the amount of work needed, the size of the parking lot, and the depth of asphalt.

Why Choose Navarro Paving

Navarro Paving provides parking lot paving installation, repairs, and maintenance for commercial and industrial properties throughout Jurupa Valley, CA.

We evaluate each project and provide the best solution for your needs without defaulting to the most expensive option. We believe that informed customers make the best business owners, so we provide all of the information you need with clear pricing quotes without hidden fees or additional costs.

Navarro Paving is a family business in Jurupa Valley, CA, locally owned and operated by members of your community.  We bring respect, honesty, and integrity to each job, give us a call today to discuss your next parking lot paving project.

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Most commercial properties use asphalt because it boasts a lower installation cost and less required maintenance than concrete.

Asphalt quickly pays for itself and has a longer lifespan in harsh weather. Our parking lot paving contractors in Jurupa Valley, CA will make sure your parking lot has the correct slope for drainage, is made of quality materials and has a reliable foundation that will support your business for decades.

If you’re looking for a new or replacement parking lot in Jurupa Valley, CA, give us a call today!

Frustrated with the bumps & cracks in your pavement?

Let us smooth things over.